Relationship is your greatest capital — Philip Amiola.

All success happens in the context of relationships. All problems are solved by relationships. The world basically runs on relationships in various forms with different names. Treaties, friendships, partnerships, and marriages are all relationships that define our individual and collective success.

No man is an island. It’s inherent in us as human beings to want to connect. It’s how we are designed and the major reason our species has survived until now.

Every human being seeks to connect and collaborate regardless of their temperament or personality. We are always looking to have someone with whom we can relate and share our thoughts, time, talents and experiences.

We start forming relationships from birth―we continue to form and nurture different relationships all through our lives for different reasons and purposes. I doubt there’s a man alive that’s devoid of one form of relationship or the other.

Even though it’s natural for us to want to connect with other people and form relationships, relationships don’t just happen. They require conscious, deliberate effort to form, nurture and sustain. Usually, you get as much as you put in when it comes to relationships.

Yes, your personality and temperament may have a huge effect on the way and ease with which you form relationships. Truly, it’s much easier for some people to get along with others, even those with whom they have little or nothing in common.

Yet, the ability to form, nurture and sustain relationships is a skill every one of us must learn in order to succeed and live a fulfilled life because everything happens in the context of relationships.

Why relationships are so important

To get to the top of your career, succeed as a business person or display your God-given talents to the fullest, you need relationships to make these things happen. To give maximum expression to the infinite potential and power you possess, you need relationships―and not just relationships, the right relationships.

You need people to support you, encourage you, fund you, push you, guide you, train you, recommend you, love you, equip you and help you in several other ways as you journey towards your biggest dreams and deepest desires.

In the end, what determines whether or not you attain your dreams and desires is the quality of your relationships. Share on X

Valuable relationships are those relationships that take you to the right places at the right time. They help you get what you need to achieve your biggest dreams and deepest desires. They make you better in every sense of the word.

The surefire way to form and sustain valuable relationships

You can only form valuable relationships by genuinely caring about people. There are no two ways about it; it’s either this or nothing.

The only way you can form and nurture valuable relationships with other people is seeking the best for them. And doing so without the mindset of quid pro quo, that is, that they must give you something in return. That’s not all.

Genuinely care about people

When you genuinely care about someone, you seek to add value to them and this is the way to foster and sustain valuable relationships. Value is the lifeblood of any relationship, more so, a valuable relationship.

People only want to be in relationships with people who offer them value. It’s common sense.

Relationships are sustained on value. When you offer people value, you become a valuable person to them. All other things being equal, they naturally want to be in a relationship with you as they also seek to reciprocate and add value to you too.

Honourable people are happy to maintain valuable relationships with those who add value to them because they know a valuable relationship is priceless. Share on X

To illustrate the importance of valuable relationships, I got the introductory quote of this piece from a WhatsApp status update of my mentor whose company I started working with based on the recommendation of a good friend.

My current employment and the inspiration for this piece are products of a valuable relationship.

And to round off this piece is another quote from my amiable mentor: “Build valuable relationships before you need them—and not because you need them, even though you will need them, but because you genuinely care.” Share on X


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