By Williams Oladele

The Juvenilia

Didactic Narratives and other Poems

The Juvenilia: Three Retold Tales and other Poems, is a collection of poems that presents the works of a nascent poet as the title implies. This collection is meant to be a first of many. The collection is divided into two major parts. The first part features three long poems which are retold tales written in rhyming verses; a lengthy one, a moderately long one – both written in the poet’s preferred couplet pentameter and a relatively shorter one written in rhyme royal. The other part contains short poems of different forms and styles which cut across various themes.

Unconventional poet and blogger

Williams Oladele

I’m a published narrative poet, freelance writer, ghostwriter and blogger. My first book is an anthology of poems titled “The Juvenilia”. It was published in October, 2018. I love writing; it’s who I am. It’s what I’m created to do. Fun fact: I’m a graduate of microbiology and I’m also a digital strategist and entrepreneur. Click the button below to read more on my writing journey.


So, you’re a creator, you’re an artist who makes art —songs, words, fine arts or what have you. You need an audience, if only a small one, to be a success. You can’t succeed as an artist if you lack a following—fans. Your chances of succeeding are null when you don’t have a tribe, a people who identify with you and your works.

                                   Williams Oladele

The Observer
Endless one that makes, yet turns all to dust.
Moving as it must; what it built, it breaks.
Timeless one that mends, and as well razes.
Watch as it raises and see as it rends.
It injures and heals. Oh, behold, it gives
And as well, retrieves; it’s it too that kills.
Alas, it’s it, neither man’s foe nor friend;
It only takes him from his start to his end.

Coming Soon!

Available April 13, 2019



This book is going to be an anthology of poems. The titular poem is an interesting epic – narrative poem of considerable length. Other poems will be contained in the anthology.

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