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I’m Williams Olaide Oladele, a Microbiologist by training, a digital consultant by choice and a creative writer by calling.

My expertise and experience span over freelance writing, professional editing, website design and development, and electronic publishing. I’m dedicated to helping individuals and organisations find and amplify their unique voice in fulfilment of their mission.

By Williams Oladele

The Juvenilia: Didactic Narratives and Other Poems

An Anthology

This book, The Juvenilia: Didactic Narratives and other Poems, is a collection of poems that presents the works of a nascent poet as the title implies.

This collection is meant to be the first of many. The collection is divided into two major parts. The first part features three long poems which are retold tales written in rhyming verses; a lengthy one, a moderately long one – both written in the poet’s preferred couplet pentameter and a relatively shorter one written in rhyme royal.

The other part contains short poems of different forms and styles which cut across various themes.


When you are consistent, you learn what works and what doesn’t so you are able to do more of the former and less of the latter. The result of which is a growing confidence to create better and create more.

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Available Aug 1, 2020



Making a product is creativity. Producing a new creation with a new idea or producing a new product based on a novel idea is likewise creativity―a higher form of creativity. Here’s an example to put things in perspective. Writing a blog post on an existing idea is an act of creating. Writing a blog post proposing a novel idea is a higher level of creativity. The first is about quantity and the second, quality. This book covers how you can create more in both perspectives. It provides insight into how you can create more products and how you can create more entirely novel products.

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Get insights and practical tips on personal development, life skills and creativity. I also share valuable resources and updates.

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Earlier today, I visited a family I love. While at the place, the father of the house received a call from a relative. The relative had called to break the news of the death of an older relative. After the call, the father of the house and his dear wife reminisced on...

Want to be more creative? Experiment more

Did you know most of the established styles, methods, approaches, products, etc. we know today are results of experimentation? Several discoveries emanated from experimenting with different ideas. Someone somewhere sometimes ago found the connection by experimenting...

How not to be a loser

Spaghetti or jollof rice? This question confronted me and my brother this morning. We contemplated what to have for breakfast. Spaghetti was an easy choice because we have chicken soup. More so, we have to get some more ingredients to cook the jollof rice. But we’ve...

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