I packed my bags and headed out of the house. I’ve been raring to travel for a while—I love travelling. I’ve been putting off my trip for a while now for different reasons, ranging from the coronavirus lockdown to lack of funds.

Yesterday, I eventually got on the road. And to my aunt’s in another state I came. It’s been years since I last saw her. She was so happy to see me much as I was to see her. I once lived with her family for the best of three years.

I got to see my cousins too after a long time—years in fact. It was nice to see them and recall the memories of our time growing up. We’ve been reminiscing all day long. Nothing comes close to quality time with family.

Tomorrow, I’ll be off to spend some time with my friends in Ibadan. Finally, I feel alive again after a while. I realised how much I’ve missed travelling and how it refreshes my spirit.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you all these. I have no interest in boring you with my expedition.

Well, the thrust of my message is just to tell you to never postpone living. Don’t wait until the stars align before you start doing the things that make you feel alive. Don’t put off living your best days.

No one promised you tomorrow. You don't have all the time in the world. You don't have all the time you think you do. Share on X

Time is always slipping through our fingers. Every hour is an opportunity to live your best life.

We live our lives in our days—yesterday, today, tomorrow. Life is not something you hope will happen. It’s not something out there—it’s already happening now. It’s taking place this very moment.

Start living now

If you wait for the stars to align, life will pass you by. If you wait for the time to be right before you live, you will be waiting for all your life. The right time is now—always now.

Consider the inspiring lyrics of one classic John Legend’s song I like. The song is titled “If You’re Out There.” He said “Tomorrow is starting now. Now, now.” In the chorus, he said, “Future started yesterday.

We all have that urge to postpone living till tomorrow. We tell ourselves we’ll call our beloved ones tomorrow or wear that beautiful dress tomorrow. What if tomorrow never arrives?

We put off spending time with our loved ones until when we feel the time is right. We wait out until a perfect moment. Yet, no time is righter than today, and no moment is perfecter than now.

I leave you with this insightful, anonymous quote:  “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Don't waste away your present. Don't rent it out to tomorrow. Rather, live it to the fullest. Make the most of it because it's all you have after all. From this very moment, live deliberately. Share on X

Don’t just exist and hope to start living someday in the future. Ensure the hours are not merely passing you by. Own your life. In the words of legendary pop single, Michael Jackson, “Stop existing and start living.”

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