Time is worth far more than money; time is life. How you spend your time is how you spend your life. Your days combine to form your years, and your years your life.

Several people stress time management, and rightly so. Time is priceless, after all. Yet one other resource is just as important and should be just as well managed: energy.

Why energy is so important

Energy, like time, is a finite resource. You only have so much verve at any given time. While your reserve is vast and renewable, you can only access a limited portion per time.

Time is priceless, and so is energy. You can get a million and one things done when your energy levels are up. At zero vim, you're unable to achieve anything! Share on X

You are a breathing, mobile mass of energy capable of extraordinary feats. But unless you properly channel and manage that vigour, you can’t do much. A little, maybe, but nothing spectacular.

Productivity only occurs when one harnesses energy. And harnessing involves collecting and channelling energy for a particular purpose. Consider a windmill or a solar inverter.

The sun is a powerful energy source. Yet it’s only after you harness its power that it can do wonders like generate electricity or make plants grow. Else it just accomplishes little feats like drying clothes.

Whatever you do, you must find ways to maximise your verve for efficiency and effectiveness. You need to manage your drive well to attain success and significance. The rest of this piece shows you how.

How to maximise your energy

Managing your energy largely relies on the same principle as managing your time and more. Only the practice differs. I’ll mention some of them.

First, focus most of your verve on the most important tasks. Tackle your most important tasks at your energy peaks whether that’s early in the morning or late at night. This way, you can’t but be productive.

Study your circadian rhythm and know when you are most energised. This knowledge lets you plan your tasks accordingly. Slate less important activities for low energy periods. That’s not all.

Cutting off unimportant stuff that drains your vigour is just as essential. Energy leaks are well implicated in low productivity. They often leave you exhausted. Share on X

If you’re tired half of the time, it’s probably due to energy leaks you’re overlooking. Like leeches, these leaks are minute and insidious. So, you may not notice them at all.

You have a singular pool of energy to disburse into different engagements. Once you put it in one place, you can’t put it somewhere else. The point here is you can’t afford to waste your precious vigour.

What to do?

Identify and dissociate yourself from persons, conversations and activities that drain your verve. Cut them off. And you’ll get more vitality for the right places and relationships.

Moreover, consider outsourcing relevant tasks that are not worth your strength. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Even machines get help from other machines.

If you can conserve energy by getting someone else to do it, take that option by all means. You can save your drive for those engagements with higher yields. The gist: be frugal with your energy.

One more thing…

Your batteries will run low from time to time. That’s only natural; you’re not a robot. The implication is that you must take time out to recharge and renew your energy.

Making calculated efforts to replenish your depleted reserves constitutes part of energy management. This means adequate nutrition and sufficient rest―good food and enough sleep. Share on X

Deliberately build rest into your schedule or risk a total breakdown and no productivity. Don’t wait until you are at zero before recharging. Else you will take longer to reboot.

And the more you run yourself down totally before recharging, the closer you get to irreparable damage. That’s not good. Avoid such disaster by replenishing as and when due.

I know someone who sets apart Sundays to relax and rest. You too can dedicate a day of the week to rest—apart from the daily rest of course. That way, you won’t run the risk of crashing.

Dear friend, besides time management, start managing your energy levels for maximum productivity from today.


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