Consider that atoms are infinitesimally small yet constitute everything. When these particles come together, they form mountains, cities, planets and vast galaxies.

Centuries are simply a collection of seconds. A million is nothing but a multitude of minute units. The great pyramids are masses of bricks. The oceans are enormous bodies of waterdrops.

The success or failure of any man, endeavour or group can be traced back to several defining moments—little acts that concatenate into a massive outcome. Hewing the perfect diamond takes several instances of chiselling here and there.

The interesting thing about little things

Got the gist yet? Don’t worry, here it is: every little counts. Of course, you and I are wont to view each act as an intangible entity in isolation. Yet, we are every day confronted with proof that every little action adds up.

Every little thing we think, do or say represents bits and pieces that eventually collect to form a bigger whole. Take a minute to think about that.

None of your actions is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Share on X

You won’t reach the top of the mountain in a day. You won’t master your craft in a month. All the wisdom you need can’t be garnered in a year. It’ll all happen through consistent little steps that take you closer to the goal every day.

Similarly, you don’t fail or lose at once. It happens over a series of missteps. The eventual manifestation is just a cumulation of those small missteps.

You won’t achieve sound health overnight. It requires consistent, little adjustments. Daily exercises. Consistent healthy eating. Cutting out the junks. Getting enough sleep.

Mastery comes through repeated little acts. You achieve it through constant progress in bits and pieces. Just look at your physical growth. It’s a result of a series of growth spurts, isn’t it? Did it come little by little, no?

Every little counts.

The big truth about little things

A smile here, a compliment there. A text here, a gift there. An affirmation here, an act of kindness to another. A listening ear to someone, a quality half an hour with another. A word of encouragement here, a pat on the shoulder there.

These things might look relatively little. But, at times, they’re all the other person needs to keep going, try once more or make that leap into greatness. You never know how far your little contribution can go.

The ripple effect of one little action―whether positive or negative―is unfathomable. After all, our entire history and civilisation are a consequence of seemingly inconsequential acts of men over time. Share on X

Bruce Barton knew this. That’s why he said, Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things. I am tempted to think there are no little things.

Dear friend, from now on, realise that every little thought you entertain matters.  Every little thing you do or say matters. Let this realisation compel you to be more intentional and conscious as you go about your life.

Let it cause you to choose your thoughts and words wisely, for these two inform your actions. And in turn, shapes who you are, what you become and how you affect those around you.

From this moment, know that you and your actions matter. That you are capable of transforming your own life. That you can impact others around you. Be aware that you are a significant force. That your actions are consequential.

Dear friend, you are capable of creating real change―for good. You are more powerful than you think. Within you lies enough power to change the world. You matter.


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