I was never one to imagine how well-tailored the new year would be but trust me I anticipated 2020 more than any other year. The age I clocked this year was what I tendered last year wherever I was asked, albeit unconsciously. That was one major reason why I looked forward to the year.

It was also the year I was meant to graduate university. But you see, every year has their own plans irrespective of who we are. How we yield or adapt to it depends on our flexibility or lack of it thereof.

To be frank, most people, especially me, did not see 2020 coming. It came anyway and here we are. I’ve taken the liberty to highlight six lessons this terrific year has taught me thus far:


I know you’re waiting for life to happen and things to turn out great before you start enjoying your dream life. But no such thing as a dream life exists.

If you must live your life to the fullest, it starts now. Not next year because you feel this year is gone. Not tomorrow because today looks spent. Start living now. Share on X

Have a backup plan

Several people suffered during the first wave of the pandemic. Markets were hit, things stood still and the common man who could take care of himself by living day to day became poor because he had no backup plan. The adage, Save for the rainy day, has never been more apt than in this year.

Even those who had a backup plan needed to bring up more plans to keep surviving. So, have alternatives. I didn’t have one but I found a way somehow.


I ran out of things to do, lost my teaching job and had to stay home with my extended family. Skint and famished, my brother introduced an online business to me. Now I have seen people say they don’t understand how it works and aren’t sure of online businesses.

Not every online business is bad. Risks abound everywhere. I joined my brother and started processing the work. The naira came in trickles but it came. Adapting to unfavourable situations and making the most out of such circumstances was one of the things I learnt this year.

I need people

You’d have heard people say, ‘No man is an island’. We all need each other. I only recently discovered I love my self-imposed privacy, not circumstantial privacy. This is what I mean; I will like to be alone when I choose to be alone, not whether I choose or do not choose it.

2020 imposed a need to abstain from people willy-nilly and it was tough. The human touch is a blessing. And while some people might be sensitive to touch, others crave it so much.

I have missed hugging my friends and slapping them playfully. What their hands couldn’t do, their voice and words did. Now imagine a world where even those were absent. We all need people.

Expect the worst

This year, I’ve broken hearts and my heart got broken too. My recent break up took a great toll on me. Until I started writing this, I was hell-bent on shutting the human being that broke my heart out of my life.

Now I’m rethinking scenarios and asking myself what would’ve happened if I’d expected the worst. Would I feel any different if I’d dialled down my expectations? I saw the heartbreak coming and tried to avoid it but couldn’t salvage any part of the wreckage.

This year has taken many (young, old, family, relatives, and acquaintances) away from me.

It's okay to expect the worst so that when it eventually comes, you'll have enough fortitude to bear it. Share on X

Let it go

I’m in a better place as I write this. And it’s because I did let go of the failures I have encountered this year. I’m even now willing to let go of more.

I’ve realised that releasing some needless burden brings about a certain relief. In the midst of the chaos that this year is, I’ve been blessed tremendously too. I’ve been a blessing too in my little way.

If I was burdened with all that has happened year long, I wouldn’t be in this phase of my life.

So, forgive 2020 for ruining all your plans. Let go of the ways you think it has set you back. The remaining weeks might just be more amazing than all the other ones before. Share on X

Thanks for reading.

PS: If you’re a Nigerian that wants this country to thrive, you’re not allowed to let go of the events of 20.10.2020.


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