Dear You,

I hope you are fine and that the pandemic has not halted your progress. I hope this monologue meets you well too and doesn’t bore you out. Trust me, it is a pleasure to meet you finally.

I believe you’ve been through a rough patch at a time in your life. But if it’s been a smooth jolly ride for you, that’s okay too. I want you to know that the journey to self-discovery can take a while but you will eventually get there.

This letter was written for you, to you.

It’s okay to feel inadequate, unprepared or insufficient for the things life throws at you. You were not born with an ‘how to go through life‘ manual. So, making mistakes, feeling not good enough and missing opportunities are all human.

Yet, you can decide to grow, for you. Yes, I said that. For you.

The society wants to determine the pace at which you grow, your superiors have a target you must meet and pressure you into doing so. You feel bad because you might be lagging behind among your peers in some areas.

But guess who went through all you have been through and is still standing―you. That’s right. You. Guess who has seen so many years and has seen so many life-defining experiences, that’s still you.

Take that course because you want to be better, not because you want to impress someone who might still find you unworthy in other areas. Write that post because it feels right by you and not because you want to belong or come off as woke.

This growth process may seem hard. So, grow at your pace, deliberately, and with a sole focus on yourself. Share on X

The metooism in the world is absurd and almost confounding, but the best gift you can give the world is the best version of yourself. Your dreams are valid, your happiness is a priority, your aspirations are primary and loving yourself shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Let this knowledge change how you see life. Take criticisms with a soft penitent heart. Embrace learning, unlearning and relearning. If you’d become the best version of yourself, you still need the world to teach you.

Surround yourself with people who radiate positive energy―with those who think highly of you and are proud of your little steps and growth. They are your support structure. Share on X

They may not be so many, for very few see the potential in you and are willing to stand by you. But the comforting part is this few are willing to stand by you―you should embrace that gift.

As I said, this is for you. You are special. You are valid. You are unique. You are amazing. You are enough. You deserve more.

Do not hesitate to find the best version of yourself. You would be giving the world a precious gift by doing so.


Adesola Oladoja is a published poet and freelance writer.