There’s a question that has been bothering me for a while now. What exactly is the value of human life? I don’t know if this question has a correct answer or at least a reasonable one. Perhaps you do, please let me know.

I’ve been thinking about the value of human life so much lately due to how suddenly human life has become all too worthless these days. Is it only me or do you also think the sanctity of human life is eroding?

The other day, I read about a young female undergraduate that was raped and murdered in a church. Few days before that, it was a young girl killed by an errant police officer. Last week, sixty persons were reportedly massacred by unidentified gunmen. All in Nigeria alone. And those were the ones that made it to the news.

Elsewhere, a black man was killed while being cruelly restrained by police officers in the US. Resulting protests have led to massive violence and more deaths.

The frightening state of things

As if the scourge and pain of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic are not enough, in almost every breaking news, there is a sad story of human lives being criminally cut short somewhere. Nowadays, human life is quickly terminated for money, power, position or even nothing at all.

Politicians loot state resources, live large and leave the masses to die in poverty. Corporations are cutting corners and insidiously killing people just to make more profits. Governments are funding terrorists to wipe out entire communities. Cultist gangs are on a rampage of robbery, rape and murder.

It appears as if our humanity is diminishing per diem. The value of human life seems to be reducing by the hour. The fear of God, morality and even conscience are all becoming a rarity—an exception instead of status quo.

Law and order are fast becoming obsolete as impunity and chaos assume centre stage. Corruption, cruelty and conspiracy are emerging as the new values to live by for survival, success and significance.

Is there a way out?

I’m tired of it all. Sometimes I feel powerless about the whole situation. Perhaps you feel the same way too. But then I realise that although I’m just one person, I’m not powerless. The same goes for you. We can do better and make the world a better place in my our little corner.

You and I can make the conscious decision not to diminish the value of human life any further.

We can choose not to be the corrupt politician, the wicked child trafficker, the unethical corporate executive, the irresponsible law enforcement officer, or the heartless rapist. Share on X

Every day, we can decide to be the honest, upright law-abiding citizen. We can choose to be kinder and be our brother’s keeper while encouraging people in our circle of influence―children, siblings, friends, colleagues―to do the same.

Every day, we can make the choice to condemn all injustice, wickedness and wrongdoing by pointing out their enablers and perpetrators and demanding nothing short of justice.

We can choose to be good to others and do our best possible to preserve the dignity and sanctity of human life. Together we can make the world a better and safer place for all. Share on X

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