The Juvenilia: Three Retold Tales and Other Poems, is a collection of poems that present the works of a nascent poet as the title suggests.

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I’m Williams Olaide Oladele, a microbiologist by training, a digital strategist by choice and a writer by calling.

I didn’t choose writing; I discovered it. I started writing at the age of 15. A little late perhaps, but just about the perfect time for me. It was during an eighteen-month break from the academic world of science that I had a life-changing epiphany. It was then my love for words rose to another level and I metamorphosed from an avid and curious reader into a budding writer. My writing journey thus began. I picked my quills and found the magic of concatenating words into artistic and literary compositions. Soon enough, I also discovered my quill’s penchant for poetry.

I have since learnt from masters—living and dead—as well as contemporaries in this art where, as Hemingway puts it: we are all apprentices and no one gets to be the master.

Daily, I continue to strive to get better as a writer. Daily, I toil to fulfil my purpose in this transient world through the written word. I’m a self-taught writer and poet and this is my story.


My first book, The Juvenilia, which is an anthology of poems was published on 1st October, 2018. I have been published on multiple occasions in Writers Space Africa – an international literary magazine issued monthly.

I’m also a contributor at The Plenipotent Company Limited. You can read my entries on digital business and entrepreneurship on their blog.

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Creativity is daring to take risks and break rules, without the fear of making mistakes, in the process of fun-filled experimentation geared towards designing something new, towards coming up with something novel and useful, and towards the discovery of worthwhile things previously unknown.

Williams Oladele